Founded in 2014 and actively serving users in more than 150 countries, the pop-up platform Optimonk aims to ensure maximum conversion rates for your website traffic.

What is optimonk

Optimonk allows you to

  • increase your sales rates,
  • expand your customer e-mail data,
  • reduce card abandonment,
  • optimize your campaigns by receiving feedback,
  • and provide customized personalized offers to customers.

What enables you to do all this is the advanced optimization, analysis, and testing tools offered by Optimonk. The improved templates you will use, campaign analysis that you can make specific, will enable you to more easily identify the strategic marketing style that gives you the most positive returns.

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What Does Optimonk Offer To Your Company?

We said that this pop-up service aims to convert your website traffic to customers. So how does it do this? In short, what does the system offer you? Let’s examine in 4 basic items:

how optimonk works

  1. Over 200 user-oriented templates: You don’t need to know complex coding languages to create campaigns on your site. Use ready-made templates to help you achieve high optimization rates with proven effectiveness and customize them. You will not be charged extra for using these ready-to-use templates.
  2. Drag and Drop Editor: Easily prepare impressive and interesting campaign designs with Drag & Drop Editor, Optimonk’s exclusive digital tool.
  3. Cart Based Targeting: Analyze the products users leave in their shopping carts and create personalized ads within the framework of these products.
  4. Multi-Step Campaigns: Connect different campaigns and get the best results.

References of Optimonk

As you can guess, there are hundreds of different companies and websites that use Optimonk. But let’s see the most influential works of this pop-up! Here is the list of references of Optimonk:

  1. Avon
  2. Blendjet
  3. Greenpeace
  4. Telenor
  5. GrooveLife


Why do not integrate the tools you are using right now with Optimonk?

  1. Shopify
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. Omnisend
  4. HubSpot
  5. WordPress
  6. BigCommerce
  7. WooCommerce
  8. MailChimp
  9. Klaviyo
  10. Magento


How Does Optimonk Work?

You can turn the behavior of someone who has just logged into your site into the behavior of a loyal customer, collect your customers’ emails, expand the data you have, and create new data. For this, Optimonk offers many digital tools.


  1. Email Campaigns: With detailed email campaigns, Optimonk allows you to collect not only email information but also demographic information. Gathering your visitors’ gender, age, date of birth makes it easy to create personalized campaigns in the future.
  2. Smart Form Display: Thanks to options such as Smart Form Display, you can detect the user’s behavior and preferences within the site and offer special campaigns accordingly.
  3. Gamification Popups: Optimonk offers a variety of gamification tools to make users feel lucky, decide to buy products in their cart, and visit the site more. An example of this is a lucky wheel, scratch card, or ‘pick a gift’ game.


In addition to all these, you can use the following functions to continuously optimize your campaigns and design boutique processes for customized purposes while achieving different goals:

  • Advanced A / B Testing
  • Segment Targeting
  • Smart Insights
  • Teaser campaigns

Optimonk Alternatives

You can explore Optimonk alternative comparison with popupsmart.  After that maybe you may read sleeknotes’ optimonk comparison.

Optimonk is a prominent popup builder, but we recommend you not to buy it without comparing it to its competitors.