Are you looking for the best Sleeknote alternatives that actually convert? 

You can stop looking further. In this article, I will share the 6 best Sleeknote alternatives with you that we will compare by their pricing and features. 

The table below shows 6 best Sleeknote alternatives with their starting prices.

# Name Price
1 Popupsmart Free/Pro at $29/m
2 Optimonk Free/Pro at $29/m
3 Sumo List Builder Free/Pro at $49/m
4 Ninja Popups $27 one-time, lifetime updates
5 Adoric Free/Pro at $29/m
6 Hello Bar Free/Pro at $29/m

Sleeknote is one of the most used popup builders in the market. It offers easy lead generation, cart abandonment prevention, and product recommendations with advanced display features. Clearly, Sleeknote is excellent software.

But it is too pricey and not one of a kind! 

With the improving industry, other popup builders with more features, more value, and even lower prices have emerged to the surface. The competition of popup builder services is now fiercer than ever.

Here are the best Sleeknote alternatives reviewed. Let’s begin.

#1: Popupsmart – Better Than Sleeknote

Popupsmart homepage

Popupsmart is a perfect Sleeknote alternative. It is a no-code popup builder tool that brings all-in-one solutions for marketers. 

Its advanced features are more or less the same as Sleeknote except for the drag and drop feature, which is not convenient when creating popups. 

What’s even better about Popupsmart is; it is easier to use and more affordable than Sleeknote. So, before diving into how Popupsmart compares to Sleeknote in detail, let’s see what this service has to offer.

What can you do with Popupsmart?

  • Collect more subscribers and build email lists faster.
  • Increase your revenue and reduce cart abandonment by showing product recommendations and promoting popular products.
  • Boost phone call traffic with mobile compliant popups
  • Present a cookie consent popup to ask for customers’ permission for cookie usage on your site.
  • Create embed forms and collect form submissions to strengthen your marketing strategy and gather customer data.

Is that all? No, that’s not it! Popupsmart can fit every business need from small to entrepreneur. You can create a light popup, full-screen, sidebar, floating bar popups that can be positioned on screen as you like.

There are also dozens of new generation popup templates, which you can customize freely, available on its popup builder. Also, you can add Gif and Lottie animation to your campaigns.

You can track your campaign’s performance from Popupsmart’s analytics or integrate Popupsmart with Google Analytics to have a detailed insight. 

Now that I mentioned integrations, as well as being compatible with any websites with a JavaScript code, this popup builder has tons of integration options, including;

  • The most popular email marketing services like MailChimp, Sendinblue, and so on,
  • Web platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, and more,
  • CMS platforms like Ghost and Yii Framework, and more,
  • CRM platforms like Zoho and Agile CRMs.

How Popupsmart Excels Sleeknote

Popupsmart's simple popup builder on its website

In terms of pricing, Popupsmart charges $29/m for 100,000 page-views, unlimited popups, and unlimited domains. There is also a free plan available for 5,000 page-views and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Whereas Sleeknote charges 62/m for 50,000 page-views (half of what Popupsmart offers for a lower price!)

Differently from Sleeknote, you can target your audience based on their in-activity, browser language, and operating system along with all other advanced targeting options.

In the case of Popupsmart, it is suitable for any website owner, both expert and inexperienced. In contrast, Sleeknote’s interface is more complicated and relatively not ideal for everyone.

Popupsmart’s on-site popup loading speed is much faster with under 134ms performance, while Sleeknote’s onload speed is much slower with an average of 714ms.


Sleeknote Alternative #2: OptiMonk 

OptiMonk homepage

OptiMonk is a conversion optimization and lead generation tool that can be another Sleeknote alternative

The features offered by OptiMonk is quite comparable to Popupsmart, especially with its 99,9% uptime with the AWS Server and targeting features.

What are OptiMonk’s prominent features?

  • Exit-intent popup
  • On-click targeting and other triggering options just that both Sleeknote and Popupsmart also have
  • Cart-based targeting and more targeting options
  • Drag & drop editor
  • A/B testing
  • Google Analytics
  • AdBlock Safe

Most of OptiMonk’s features are the same as Popupsmart and Sleeknote. However, cart-based targeting and building a Messenger list can be differentiating ones. 

In terms of pricing, OptiMonk has the upper hand compared to Sleeknote. Optimonk has a free version for 3,000 page-views, one domain. Its pricing starts at $29 for 25,000 page-views. 

Nonetheless, while it seems cheaper than Sleeknote, it is a bit pricey compared to Popupsmart. It also falls short of the two services by having a brand logo on the popups unless you purchase a premium plan.

Sleeknote Alternative #3: Sumo

Sumo homepage

You might be more familiar with Sumo from AppSumo. This tool is developed by them. Sumo is a free tool that is designed to automate site growth with email capture.

What makes it a good Sleeknote alternative is because it is free. Sumo also has a pro version for $39/m, including advanced analytics, e-commerce design templates, A/B test, and advanced visitor targeting.

Some of Sumo’s Features

  • Target by URLs, device type, articles, location, cookies, and more
  • Email integrations with common email providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact
  • Discount codes
  • Analytics

Sumo is available as a plugin for Google Tag Manager, Shopify, and WordPress. If your business objective is only to grow your email list for free, then Sumo can work for you. 

However, compared to Popupsmart, Sumo meets only a single solution and lacks many features that Popupsmart and Sleeknote have, such as teaser popups. Also, Sumo’s free version has branded popups, unlike Popupsmart. 

Sleeknote Alternative #4: Ninja Popups – Popup Plugin

Ninja Popups plugin

Ninja Popups is an affordable alternative to Sleeknote when it comes to WordPress. It is a popular WordPress popup plugin. This plugin is $27, and surprisingly, it offers most of the features that Sleeknote has. 

Upon completing the purchase, they provide unlimited future updates and 6-month support. In terms of popup design, it allows building popups with the drag-and-drop feature. It also supports animations with 74 effects. 

Moreover, Ninja Popups also comes with an opt-in locker that allows locking content by opt-in popups. Apart from these, it enables integrating with various email marketing services like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign.

When I look at the cons of this plugin compared to the other popup services in this list, the first thing I see is that it is a plugin. Ninja Popups is compatible with only WordPress and WooCommerce, whereas Popupsmart, for instance, can integrate with a wide range of platforms. 

The next shortcoming is that plugins are not always reliable. You may never be %100 that your website won’t crash when an update comes. 6-month support also falls short compared to Popupsmart’s lifetime customer support and other services’ customer support.

Sleeknote Alternative #5: Adoric

Adoric homepage

Adoric is another one in our list of Sleeknote alternatives. To be honest, it comes with outstanding features such as: 

  • 10,000 free graphic elements, which consist of stock images, icons, and shape. This makes editing more creative and personal, although it also makes it take too long to create a popup. 
  • Adoric gives full access to the Giphy library as well. In this respect, it can be compared to Popupsmart, which also enables adding gifs to popups.
  • It is available as a Shopify app that can be installed.
  • It offers animation effects that mark the entrance of popups. This feature is also included in others on the list like Popupsmart and  Ninja Popups.
  • It enables adding SVG files, which is a unique feature. Other than these, Adoric’s targeting and display features are more or less the same as Popupsmart.

What are the cons of Adoric?

In terms of pricing, it is good that Adoric has a free plan for 5,000 page-views and one domain, which is the same as the free plans of Popupsmart and OptiMonk. 

However, unlike Popupsmart, Adoric has a brand logo on the free and essential plans. It also lacks advanced targeting rules and even email support.

In terms of pricing, this Sleeknote alternative is not so budget-friendly compared to other popup services like Popupsmart. Adoric charges $79/m for 100,000 page-views and 2 domains, whereas as you may remember, Popupsmart charges $29/m for the same amount of page-views and unlimited domains.

Sleeknote Alternative #6: Hello Bar

Hello Bar homepage

Hello Bar is the last popup builder service in our Sleeknote alternatives list. This tool is more focused on email lists rather than other e-commerce solutions. Compared to the other tools I mentioned, Hello Bar is more of a basic tool with fewer features and options. 

Hello Bar Features

  • Sidebar, page takeover, modal, and slider popup types
  • A/B Testing
  • Over 200 variations of targeting rules
  • Yes/No questions which you can ask customers and deliver custom messages based on their answer.
  • Email marketing and Zapier integrations

Hello Bar has a free plan for 5,000 page-views a month, 10 branded popups, and one domain. Unfortunately, the free plan comes only with device type targeting, which is a drawback considering other tools like Popupsmart includes most of the advanced targeting options in the free plan.

Hello Bar charges $29 for 50,000 views, which is a bit expensive compared to Popupsmart’s basic plan ($29 for 100,000.) 

However, if you do not want any targeting features, which are quite a gamechanger in the e-commerce business and capturing emails, then Hello Bar’s free plan can be of some use to you to some extent. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the best Sleeknote alternative based on the features, pricing, and cost-efficiency is Popupsmart. There is no need to pay a fortune for Sleeknote. Popupsmart covers all of the solutions any website owner would need. Also, they are constantly developing their tool.

The second one I would pick is OptiMonk. Although it is a bit pricey compared to Popupsmart, it includes the same features as Sleeknote and is still cheaper than Sleeknote. 

I hope you find this article on Sleeknote alternatives helpful. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments.